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    I am an Assistant Professor of geology at Missouri State University with a research interest in isotope geochemistry of volcanic setting. In particular I have as strong interest in continental volcanic arc settings. I have a particular interest in the application of in-situ trace element and isotope ratio microanalysis to petrologic problems. My research centers on the behavior of magma in and on the Earth's crust as deduced from field relationships and the chemical analysis of rocks and minerals. My interest relates to further the understanding of the origin, evolution and timescales of magmas in crustal reservoirs, their behavior during volcanic eruptions, and their implications for magmatic, volcanic, and tectonic processes. The methods I employ include major and trace element analyses by X-ray fluorescence and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), radiogenic isotope analysis by thermal ionization mass spectrometry and laser ablation ICP-MS, stable isotope analyses by secondary ionization mass spectrometry and laser techniques, geochronology by laser methods, and mineral analyses by electron microprobe. My previous and ongoing projects include: magmatic evolution of the Rio Grande Rift, the Central Volcanic Zone of SW Bolivia and Northern Chile; the distribution and geochemistry of magmatic inclusions within those areas; and the organic geochemistry of hydrocarbon systems from the North Sea and New Foundland.