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Wiki Pages are meant to be user-created community editable pages covering a specific wiki or wikis. Similar to a wiki, wiki pages allow users to share their knowledge of volcanology and related areas.

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Kuehn Et Al

Created on 06 Sep 2017

The INternational focus group on Tephrochronology And Volcanism (INTAV) conducted an intercomparison study of electron-beam microanalysis of volcanic glasses across global tephrochronology laboratories. The intercomparison looked at the methods, precision, and accuracy of analyses within the...

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Courses Erin

Created on 30 Aug 2017

Courses Fall, 2017 Spring, 2018 Fall, 2018 Spring, 2019 Geohazards PSM Ethics Business Methods Thesis Guidance Volcanology Geochemistry (TBD specifically) GIS (look in GEO) Geology Research Methods Analysis of Geologic Data Geologic Research

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Goals Erin

Created on 30 Aug 2017

Professional Goals Hazards mapping — maybe with a company or a state survey, hazard and risk analysis and management. Example of TJ going to Oroville Dam seemed pretty much the right thing. Already on track to do PSM

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