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  1. RHEA: Kick off meeting -- 25th of July 2013

    29 Jul 2013 | Contributor(s): Benoit BJR Cordonnier, Ed Llewellin, Hiroaki Sato, Sebastian Mueller, Antonio Costa, Mattia Pistone

    On the 25th of July the RHEA working group (RHeophysics and Energy of magmAs) has been created.The present contribution presents the slideshows of this workshop.Author may be contacted directly for question (see author list).Reference must be done as indicated at the bottom of the page.See report...

  2. The Physical Volcanology Collection

    22 Feb 2011 | Contributor(s): Chuck B Connor

    The Physical Volcanology Collection is a collection of nine modules written to be completed as part of a laboratory component of physical volcanology courses. The modules explore topics such as the physical properties and behavior of magma; fluid flow in conduits, buoyant plumes, lava flows; and...

  3. AshFall: A graduate course in volcanology with substantial meteorological content

    26 Jan 2011 | Courses | Contributor(s): William I Rose

    Michigan Tech's AshFall course by William I. Rose.This series of lectures was put together in 2009 as the lecture part of a graduate level course which students did some evaluations of ashfall models, comparing their results with actual ashfall deposits, including the Grain size distributions...

  4. Short Course - INGEOMINAS, UB, Bristol, UdeNar June 26-July 2, 2010

    04 Jul 2010 | Courses | Contributor(s): Christine Lynn Kimball Sumner, Greg A Valentine

    In English:This is a collection of presentations from the Short Course on andesite volcanism presented at the June 26 to July 2, 2010 Scientific Meeting on Colombian volcanism at the Observatory of Pasto. The participants were researchers from participating institutions INGEOMINAS, University of...

  5. test

    04 Mar 2011 | Courses | Contributor(s): Sam Wilson

  6. Volcanology : introductory course at UB

    07 May 2011 | Courses | Contributor(s): Michael Sheridan

    This is the introductory volcanology course lectures taught at UB in the 1990 to 2006 by MF Sheridan.

  7. Big Ideas in Volcanology

    22 Sep 2011 | Courses | Contributor(s): William I Rose

    This is planned to be a discussion web page. It is aimed at defining the big ideas that are now being discussed and sharpened by volcanologists.

  8. Volcanic Hazard

    21 Oct 2011 | Courses | Contributor(s): Michael Sheridan, Jorge Valentin Bajo

    This is the introductory volcanology course lectures taught at UB in the 1990 to 2006 by MF Sheridan.LecturesVolcanic Hazards .pdfApplication of Titan2D .pdfCasita Disaster 1988 .pdfEvaluating Hazards for People and Property Located Near Active Volcanoes .pdfManagaing Volcanic Hazards in Latin...

  9. Volcanic Deformation Modelling: Numerical Benchmarking with COMSOL Multiphysics

    07 Aug 2013 | Courses | Contributor(s): James Hickey

    Instructions and guidelines on how to benchmark simple analytical models (i.e. the Mogi model, and a viscoelastic equivalent) with the COMSOL Multiphysics numerical finite element package.EDIT (12/06/2014)This VHub resource “Volcanic Deformation Modelling: Numerical Benchmarking with COMSOL...

  10. Folder

    08 Nov 2013 | Courses | Contributor(s): Marcus I Bursik