Improper Use of the Spanish Language in the Educational Systems

Today we ask ourselves how it is possible that a student studies ignoring the most basic rules of language and how it is possible to make such serious typos. We could say that all of this is due to new technologies that young people and adolescents in our country use daily.


First of all, I'd like to say that you I totally agree with the fact that formerly in schools made good use of the language, which is not the case today. I also believe that with the old educational system, which had our parents or grandparents, students came out better prepared schools, with much more level and with a greater understanding of the language, both oral and written. For this reason, we can say that in the times in which we live, youngsters spend more time on writing with friends by Instant Messaging, chatting on social networks than to spend their time perfecting everything what they are studying in the College or University, or simply to dedicate a few minutes of your day to read a book. Another aspect that we can put as example is that before they wrote letters and that made use of the written language, which currently does not occur, since using social or mobile networks, we abbreviate all the words, either for convenience or for the sake of saving money to send a message, and therefore handwritten letters have been more than forgotten.

Secondly, I believe that it is unacceptable that young people coming out of College with a career, whether from journalist, teacher or any other profession, do not know use properly our own language. By this I mean that both newspapers and television media we can see how professionals use bad language, applying not correct oral expressions and writing articles with spelling mistakes. I myself have read newspapers where I've found lacking in spelling and quite serious, which I do not think that it is correct, since there are thousands of people who read a daily newspaper and, therefore, they learn from what they see, not what is right.

Finally, Tampa translation services company as future linguist would like to say that I am ashamed that, on many occasions, my friends or family use improperly the language, as for example, the typical error that many people make when they talk about the past: instead of saying "just" say "stop". They are mistakes that should not be and so want to defend to make good use of our language, Spanish language.

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