The History of Windows


e first version of Windows is a "superstructure" of the operating system MS-DOS. They created a separate working environment in which you can run multiple applications (calendar, address book, text editor, etc.) at the same time. This is the first key component of the success of Microsoft. The company is always on the top at the market is not in terms of the functionality of the product, but in terms of user tasks. Microsoft has always to find the solution of problems that faced by the user. My colleagues from buy an essay consider that it saves time and reduces the costs.

Windows 3.0 is the latest version of the "superstructure" has become quite popular among users. In many ways it has affected her appearance in third research and built-in applications of Microsoft. This is the second component of the success of Windows. The computer is often perceived as a turnkey device with preconfigured software. Microsoft is one of the first on the market who offed customers to choose a configuration and a set of applications. It opens up new opportunities for users and allows you to select only those programs that you really need.

Microsoft has always tried to make the Windows platform as open as possible. The company provides a comfortable environment for developers. We offer them useful tools to improve them and to give access to the system. It helped to create applications faster and easier, thanks to what we have a huge number of programs for Windows. This principle also implies that Windows can be installed on any computer. To realize it was not easy, because for each device you need to create a stable and functional driver and make sure that it works as it should. It requires a lot of time and cost, but gives users many advantages.

Largely due to its openness Windows managed to win on the market. The more devices run on Windows, the more applications for it to appear. The system becomes more popular. However, it was just beginning: Microsoft is preparing to release the first full-featured operating system - Windows 95.

Windows 95 was a turning point in history, not only for Microsoft, but also for the development of the computer market in general. It can be installed on any PC architecture x86. The system can be recognized by the connected devices and offered to install drivers for them. Win32 was the best environment for the development.

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