pshekhar2 Jupyter Notebook-based

Greenland icesheet time series data explorer

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Version 1.0 - published on 15 Dec 2018

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This notebook provides an extension for the pshekhar Jupyter Notebook Tool as an example of a Jupyter Notebook-based tool; enabling further exploration of the Greenland icesheet time series dataset used in the pshekhar Jupyter Notebook study.

Please see the pshekhar Jupyter Notebook Tool for more information on the exact format and details of this dataset.

For this Jupyter Notebook-based tool,
the following commands were entered in a Jupyter terminal window before checking the Jupyter notebook file pshekhar2.ipynb into the tool's repository. 

Set tool mode True: -t pshekhar2.ipynb

 jupyter trust pshekhar2.ipynb

Please see the Publishing Notebooks section of the Jupyter Notebook Tool's user manual for more information on creating Jupyter Notebook-based tools.



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