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  1. Dome rock densification parameters

    13 Nov 2019

  2. Chaotic Mixing Device

    13 Nov 2019

    Description of device for chaotic mixing experiments developed at LMU München

  3. Large Scale Experiments on Volcanic Processes (EOS)

    13 Nov 2019

    Some of the least understood and most hazardous geologic processes involve complex multiphase flows, particularly those related to explosive volcanic eruptions. These phenomena inherently involve a wide range of characteristic length and time scales, as well as processes that are coupled across...

  4. Shawn's Contribution

    13 Nov 2019 | Miscellaneous | Contributor(s): Shawn Rice, Nicholas J. Kisseberth

    The contribution process is intended to be much like composing an e-mail: You'll start with writing the introduction and main content of your contribution and later attach files to it (video, PDFs, etc).The abstract is typically a one or two paragraph description of your contribution.