Molten Fuel Coolant Interaction: tx08

By Ingo Sonder1, Bernd Zimanowski2, Greg A Valentine1, Alison Graettinger1, Andrew Harp1

1. University at Buffalo, SUNY (UB) 2. Physikalisch Vulkanologisches Labor, Universität Würzburg, Germany

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Date: 2015-05-20

Location: Physikalisch Vulkanologisches Labor, Universität Würzburg, Germany

Molten Fuel Coolant Interaction with Remelted Volcanic Rock. Mixing of ambient temperature water at 3.6 m/s injection speed with natural remelted (basaltic) volcanic rock at 1300ºC.

Experiments were conducted at the Würzburg lab.

Attached files:

  • tx08_nac.mp4 : A video created from the raw frames, playing back at 30 fps.
  • tx08_nac.xmp : Sidecar file used with the Darktable image processor to correct a red shift at low brightness values in the raw data. This is only done for visual purposes only, and was not used in any part of the data analysis, which relies on a gray level version of the raw data.
  • tx08_nac-[0,1].zip : [Raw Data] Archives containing the 'raw' tif image sequence acquired by an NAC GX-1 camera at 5000 fps. This camera has a proprietary native storage format. A sane way to export all image information to a generally readable format is a sequence of tif files. Unfortunately this platform does not allow file sizes >1GB. Therefore the first 1000 images ( and the second 1000 images ( to be downloaded separately.
    After downloading and 'unzipping' the two archives, by default all images should end up in a folder named 'tx02_nac'.
  • tx08_nac_tif.txt : [Raw Data] Metadata of the tif-sequence.



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Bernd Zimanowski

Ralf Büttner

Alison Graettinger

Greg Valentine

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