Eyjafjallajökull, volcanic clouds and aviation - one year on

By Simon Carn

Michigan Technological University

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A workshop at the 2011 IUGG General Assembly in Melbourne, Australia, lead by Andrew Tupper (Australian Bureau of Meteorology), Fred Prata (Norwegian Institute for Air Research), and Arnau Folch (Barcelona Supercomputing Center).

The Eyjafjallajokull eruption, resulting in ground and air disruption with an estimated US $5 billion in costs to aviation, was arguably the biggest headline in volcanology since the 1991 Pinatubo eruptions. To complement the relevant (JV01, JV08) science sessions at the 2011 IUGG General Assembly in Melbourne, and with the benefit of a year's post-analysis, this 1.5 day discussion and tutorial workshop delved deeper into some of the bigger issues arising, including:

1. Volcanic activity and aviation hazards.
2. Ash detection from satellites - science, applications and examples from Eyjafjoll.
3. Dispersion modeling.
4. Operations - The role of the VAACs and the regulatory environment, and proposed warning system developments through the International Civil Aviation Organisation's Task Force on the eruption.
5. "Table-top" volcanic ash event simulation - understanding how science and operations connect.
6. The recent Grimsvotn (Iceland) and Puyehue-Cordon Caulle (Chile) eruptions were also discussed.

Workshop agenda .pdf
Introduction to remote sensing - Fred Prata .pdf
Introduction to ash forecasting - Arnau Folch .pdf
Introduction to VAAC operations - Andrew Tupper
Eyjafjallajokull - one year on - Fred Prata .pdf and Arnau Folch .pdf
Grimsvotn - more Icelandic fun - Fred Prata .pdf and Arnau Folch .pdf
Puyehue - Cordon Caulle part 1 - into the Indian Ocean - Arnau Folch .pdf and Fred Prata .pdf
Puyehue - Cordon Caulle part 2 - across Australia/NZ and into the Pacific - Rebecca Patrick and Marcel Roux .pdf

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