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Paola Tartarotti

Request version 1.7

For research reasons, I request the 1,7 version

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  1. Joaquin Alberto Cortes

    Hi Paola,

    Pingu 1.7 is the current version of Pingu; to use it first "Join the group" at https://vhub.org/groups/pingu (just click "join the group", membership is automatic)

    and then you can use Pingu simply launching the tool from https://vhub.org/tools/pingu (button on the upper right corner)

    manuals (in a wiki) are at: https://vhub.org/groups/pingu/wiki

    and an example of uploading file can be obtained from https://vhub.org/groups/pingu/resources (plus a pdf like version of the manual)

    Many thanks for trying Pingu, hope it is useful in your research!



    PS feel free to contact me through the group or with a Vhub message

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  2. ankit saini

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