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Scan Snap

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Color Scanner

Delivery to place of use and start-up of your printer or scanner

Take-back and disposal of your old printer or scanner

Driver installation of your printer or scanner on 1 PC, Mac, Tablet or mobile phone

Several partner services are available for this product. After placing the product in your shopping cart, you will be given a selection with detailed information about the scope of the services and the cost. Depending on the product, partner services are available with or without home delivery. Delivery costs are borne by the service partner for partner services with home delivery. When ordering a product together with a partner service, we will send the product at no extra cost to the service partner selected by you. The service partner is responsible for the servicing of the item and, upon receiving the product, will inform you by phone about the type of servicing required or about delivery and collection dates.

Best Regard

Scansnap drivers ix500

IJ Network Scanner Selector EX

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    is this the same thing that you guys were telling me about? I guess that this is initial site that you guys are working with and you need more ideas about it.

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