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  1. Tool Development Tips

    Team development and source controlIt's easy for development team members to collaborate under Hubzero. All the users listed on the development team of a tool have access to that tool's...


  2. Using Python packages from Jupyter Notebooks

    The Jupyter tool is a useful place to develop Python, R, or Octave code and analyses in a notebook style. Hub users can easily share their notebooks with other users by publishing notebooks as...


  3. Invoke scripts for Jupyter notebooks

    The Hubzero tool invoke script is located in the tool's middleware/ subdirectory. When you first create a tool, the basic invoke script provided must be edited to work with Jupyter notebook...


  4. Using Submit

    Submit functionality enables qualified users to execute certain codes on the compute cluster. In order to use submit functionality, you must have access to the HUBzero Workspace and be a member of...


  5. Environment Variables

    A number of environment variables are available in a hub tool session.  A few are discussed here.  A full list can be viewed by running the env command from a terminal in the Workspace...


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  1. Notebooks for introduction to R

    07 Jul 2021 | Contributor(s):: Jeanette Sperhac

    This series of notebooks and references introduces the R language.

  2. Jupyter Notebooks Examples and Documentation

    29 Jun 2021 | Tools | Contributor(s):: Jeanette Sperhac, Elliot Snitzer

    These sample Jupyter Notebooks demonstrate creating and running notebooks, deploying them as tools, submitting jobs to the cluster, and more.

  3. Pegasus Tutorial

    24 Sep 2015 | Tools | Contributor(s):: d k

    Demonstration of simple Pegasus examples combined with Rappture interface

  4. Structural architecture and the episodic evolution of the ediacaran Campo Alegre Basin (southern Brazil): Implications for the development of a synorogenic foreland rift and a post-collisional caldera volcano

    09 Apr 2021 | Publications | Contributor(s):: Lucas Martins Lino, Francy Roxana Quiroz-Valle, Vinicius Abud louro, Miguel Ângelo Stipp Basei, Silvio Roberto Farias Vlach, Mathias Hueck, Patricio Rodrigo Montecinos Munõz, Sérgio Brandolise Citroni

    During the last decades, tectonic models provided new insight into the evolution of the Luis Alves, Curitiba, and Paranaguá terranes, which are all limited by thrust and transpressive shear zones, nowadays outcropping only as deep crustal horizons and presenting poorly known lateral...

  5. Greenland Ice Surface Temperature, Surface Albedo, and Water Vapor from MODIS Comparison Tool

    26 Jan 2021 | Tools | Contributor(s):: Denis Felikson, Erika Simon, Dorothy K. Hall, Nicolo DiGirolamo, Elliot Snitzer

    Compare observations of Greenland Ice Surface Temperature, Surface Albedo, and Water Vapor from MODIS against MERRA-2 reanalysis model output.

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  1. Engagement-Protocols

    BEST-ENGAGEMENT PROTOCOLS FOR INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION – Request for FeedbackTo All Members of the Volcanology Community:A draft set of guidelines for best-engagement protocols in...


  2. Inaugral-Workshop

    Executive SummaryThe University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre (UWI-SRC) hosted the workshop “Fostering developed-developing country partnerships for the advancement of global volcano...


  3. IAVCEI-Executive-Proposal

    Background:With the support of IAVCEI and IUGG, a new network of volcano scientists working in resource-limited contexts (primarily Lower-and-Middle-Income Countries – LMICs) has been...


  4. IAVCEI-Network



  5. Help / Introduction to wiki usage

    What are wiki pages? Wiki pages are user-written articles on a range of subjects. Any contributor or a group of contributors can create (and own) new articles, and there can be multiple articles...


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