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  1. Invoke scripts for Jupyter notebooks

    The Hubzero tool invoke script is located in the tool's middleware/ subdirectory. When you first create a tool, the basic invoke script provided must be edited to work with Jupyter notebook...


  2. Using Submit

    Submit functionality enables qualified users to execute certain codes on the compute cluster. In order to use submit functionality, you must have access to the HUBzero Workspace and be a member of...


  3. Environment Variables

    A number of environment variables are available in a hub tool session.  A few are discussed here.  A full list can be viewed by running the env command from a terminal in the Workspace...


  4. Using Python packages from Jupyter Notebooks

    On hubs these days we can employ conda envs to manage our Python packages, and we have long had hubzero 'use' scripts. This page will show you how use scripts set access to conda envs from...


  5. Files for tool input and output

    While developing tools, we need someplace to store temporary files, calculation results, and data uploaded by users. Here's a brief guide to best practices.Session variableFiles in User...


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