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  1. Aug 03 2014

    Tephra 2014 - Maximizing the potential of tephra for multidisciplinary science

    This workshop will discuss major developments, best practices, and future directions/needs in tephra studies from both volcanological and tephrochronological perspectives. By bringing together a...


  2. Jan 08 2013

    2013 PASI Workshop, Colima, Mexico

    ***Funding is available to attend a workshop on Volcanic hazards***The funding has been secured through a Pacific America Science InstituteGrant (PASI) from NSF and the workshop is entitled...


  3. Sep 11 2011

    Volcano Observatory Best Practices Workshop: Eruption Forecasting

    The Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) and the UnitedStates Geological Survey (USGS) are pleased to announce the VolcanoObservatory Best Practices Workshop, to be held September...


  4. Jan 10 2011

    PASI 2011: Open Vent Volcano Hazards

    PASI: Volcanic Hazards and Remote Sensing in Pacific Latin America


  5. Dec 04 2010

    MAKAVOL 2010 Fogo Workshop

    International Meeting on Island Volcano Risk Managementfrom circular:MAKAVOL 2010 Fogo Workshop is one of three international volcano meetings co-organized by theInstituto Tecnológico y de Energías...