Tags: Volcano seismology

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  1. Magma mixing dynamics and associated geophysical signals

    08 Oct 2015 | Contributor(s):: Chiara Paola Montagna, Antonella Longo, Paolo Papale, Matteo Bagagli

    Primitive, volatile-rich magma arrival from depth into a degassed, evolved reservoir at 3km depth is investigated. The two magmatic end-member mix very efficiently on time scales of hours. The evolution is characterized by very heterogeneous pressure variations in space and time, showing...

  2. J W Neuberg, Barcelona 2013 Presentation: Very-long-period seismic signals - filling the gap between deformation and seismicity

    21 Mar 2013 | Contributor(s):: Jurgen Neuberg

  3. Overview of Volcano Seismology

    30 Jun 2011 | Contributor(s):: Diana Roman

    Lecture presentation from the IUGG 2011 workshop "Ground-based and remote sensing of volcano unrest"