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  1. Lena Graham

    a graduate student who is majoring in journalism, loves traveling and freelances as an editor. My hobby is photography and that is the reason I dream about working for the National Geographic.


  2. Hanna Spence

    a graduate of the University at Buffalo who cannot live without traveling somewhere on the weekend. I love take photos of the places I travel to, and of the people I meet on the road. Also, I am...


  3. Julia Candin


  4. John O'Mild

    BALI TOUR: A variety of Bali Tour Package such as Bali Full Day Tour to explore the island in one day, and Bali Half Day Tourto visit tourist sites in Bali island in short...


  5. Gary Michelfelder

    I am an Assistant Professor of geology at Missouri State University with a research interest in isotope geochemistry of volcanic setting. In particular I have as strong interest in continental...


  6. Daley Montero

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  7. Ethel Wallin

    Hello everyone! I am married with a 3 years old daughter. Now I live in rural California. I am a college graduate and former copywriter @ [http://www.master-essay.com/research-paper...