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  1. Is there a way to view the job details of previous jobs that were removed from the job monitor list? I need to see the parameters that were entered for a job that was removed from the list.

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  2. The DEM converter for Titan2d tool is not working

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    I don't know if its just me, or a general error of the server a VHub, or if the tool is no longer available because since 9 am i've been trying to use it and the gui interface does not...


  3. Is the funky*.inp list of files needed to start a simulation?

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  4. Height used to define flow outline

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    Does the input “Height used to define flow outline” currently work? I run different simulations changing that parameter and the result is the same.


  5. Does somebody know if there is a Titan2D Software that can be used with windows??? Where can I get it???

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    Professor Abani Patra told me that they, in Bufallo, do not have any software that I can install on windows. But he directed me on Vhub web pages, so, hopefully, you can help me, I hope that you...