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  1. Tephra 2014 - Maximizing the potential of tephra for multidisciplinary science

    09 Jan 2014 | Contributor(s):: Steven Kuehn, Solene Pouget, Marcus I Bursik

    Tephra deposits are used by diverse communities: volcanologists, petrologists, tephrochronologists, paleoclimatologists, paleoecologists and archaeologists. To perhaps be too reductionist, volcanologists are generally interested in tephra to understand eruption behavior, frequency, and hazards;...

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  3. Future plans

    21 Dec 2011 | Posted by Andrei V Kurbatov

    I would like to hear comments about looking for tephra form Tambora 1815, 1259 C.E. and Toba 74 k in ice cores.