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  1. aleyda xiomara leon

    I'm in charge of GIS departament at INSIVUMEH, actually getting end my thesis of Master degree study about Vulnerability in some comunities around Fuego volcano. I have been working with Gis since...


  2. An assessment of hydrothermal alteration in the Santiaguito lava dome complex, Guatemala: implications for dome collapse hazards

    28 Feb 2013 | Contributor(s):: Jessica L. Ball, Eliza S Calder, Marc Bernstein

    A combination of field mapping, geochemistry, and remote sensing methods has been employed to determine the extent of hydrothermal alteration and assess the potential for failure at the Santiaguito lava dome complex, Guatemala. The 90-year-old complex of four lava domes has only experienced...

  3. Annamaria Pinton


  4. Bery Marjorie Urrutia Manzano


  5. Brendan T McCormick

    I am a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Mineral Sciences at the National Museum of Natural History, Washington, United States. My research is jointly funded by the Smithsonian...


  6. Cake Recipes App to make Cake Making and Cake Baking at Home

    23 May 2018 | Posted by Paris Marquardt

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  7. Chris S Renschler

    Chris S. Renschler is Director of the Landscape-based Environmental System Analysis and Modeling (LESAM) Laboratory and an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at the University at...


  8. Christina Widiwijayanti


  9. Christopher Lynnes

    Ph.D. - Seismology, University of Michigan, 1988M.S. - Paleomagnetism, University of Michigan, 1984A.B. - Earth Sciences, Dartmouth, 1981


  10. Claire Cooper


  11. Daniel Basualto


  12. Daniel Blair Williams


  13. Daniel Krysak


  14. Engielle Mae Paguican


  15. Estelle Chaussard

    Dr. Estelle Chaussard is a Geophysicist specialized in Space Geodesy and Geohazards who joined the UB Geology faculty in August 2015. Her research focuses on the development and usage of geodetic...


  16. Eyjafjallajökull, volcanic clouds and aviation - one year on

    05 Aug 2011 | Contributor(s):: Simon Carn

    A workshop at the 2011 IUGG General Assembly in Melbourne, Australia, lead by Andrew Tupper (Australian Bureau of Meteorology), Fred Prata (Norwegian Institute for Air Research), and Arnau Folch (Barcelona Supercomputing Center).The Eyjafjallajokull eruption, resulting in ground and air...

  17. Glossary of acronyms

    AAI: Absorbing Aerosol Index AI: Aerosol Index AIRS: Atmospheric Infrared Sounder ASTER: Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer AVHRR: Advanced Very High Resolution...


  18. Glyn Williams-Jones


  19. Green Salad Recipes and Smoothie Recipes App that are very Easy to Prepare

    23 Apr 2018 | Posted by Robbie Jacobs

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  20. Gustavo Garzon

    I am currently working at Colombian Geological Survey (former INGEOMINAS). In 1995 I started within volcano emissions researches and monitorings on Galeras volcano. Our participation in NOVAC...