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  1. Alexey Andreevich Kotov


  2. Aug 02 2013

    International Volcanological Field School - Kamchatka

    The University of Alaska Fairbanks, in partnership with the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology and Kamchatka State University, invites you to our annual field trip to Mutnovsky and Gorely...


  3. Ben Edwards

    I am especially interested in interactions between magma/lava/tephra and ice/snow/water. Most of my field work has been in Iceland, British Columbia, Russia and Alaska, with lesser work in...


  4. Aug 25 2011

    7th Biennial Workshop on Japan-Kamchatka-Alaska Subduction Processes (JKASP-2011): Mitigating Risk through International Volcano, Earthquake, and Tsunami Science

    From website:The 7th international workshop on the Japan- Kurile-Kamchatka-Aleutian volcanic arcs, among the most volcanically and seismically active areas on Earth, will be held August 25th -30th,...