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  1. Navier-Stokes equations in cylindrical coordinates

    17 Dec 2016 | Contributor(s):: Mattia de' Michieli Vitturi

    This document presents the derivation of the Navier-Stokes equations in cylindrical coordinates. I have searched on the web for something similar (and I have seen that a lot of other people search for the steps of such a derivation), but I have been unsuccessful. For this reason I have thought...

  2. simone colucci


  3. Steve Pansino


  4. PyFlow

    07 May 2014 | Contributor(s):: Fabio Dioguardi, Pierfrancesco Dellino, Daniela Mele

    PYFLOW is a multi-block code for the calculation of the flow field variables of dilute pyroclasticdensity currents (hereafter DPDCs) starting from the deposits characteristics. The code, written inFortran 90, solves an improved version of the model of Dellino et al. (2008): it calculates...

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  6. Fabio Dioguardi

    Fabio Dioguardi was born in Bari (Italy) on 21/04/1982. He got the Bachelor of Sciences Degree with distinction in Geologic Sciences on 21/12/2005 at University of Bari “Aldo Moro” (Italy) with a...


  7. Chiara Paola Montagna

    BSc, MSc Physics, University of PisaPhD Physics, University of Pisa