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  1. Documentation for "Effect of particle entrainment on the runout of pyroclastic density currents"

    02 Aug 2016 | Contributor(s):: Kristen Fauria, Michael Manga, Michael Chamberlain

    This is a repository for the data and script used in, "Effect of particle entrainment on the runout of pyroclastic density currents."Here you will find:1. A compilation of splash function experimental data from this study and data that was extracted from seven other studies:...

  2. maar_explosions_20120718.zip

    18 Jul 2012 | Contributor(s):: Marcus I Bursik, Greg A Valentine

    18 July 2012This zip archive contains four FLIR mp4 files. The movies were taken on 18 July 2012 at the ECLIPSE Campus of the University at Buffalo and record a set of experiments to study the formation of maar volcanoes. Seven experiments were done altogether in three sets. The first set...

  3. Large Scale Experiments on Volcanic Processes (EOS)

    19 Jul 2011 | Contributor(s):: Greg A Valentine

    Some of the least understood and most hazardous geologic processes involve complex multiphase flows, particularly those related to explosive volcanic eruptions. These phenomena inherently involve a wide range of characteristic length and time scales, as well as processes that are coupled across...