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  1. Alessandro Fabbrizio


  2. Ben Edwards

    I am especially interested in interactions between magma/lava/tephra and ice/snow/water. Most of my field work has been in Iceland, British Columbia, Russia and Alaska, with lesser work in...


  3. Danilo Di Genova

    04/2012 – present Postgraduate master (University of Rome Tor Vergata).GeoInformation and Geographic Information systemssupporting sustainable management of territory and territorialsafety.- A...


  4. Elizabeth Cottrell

    Liz Cottrell received her bachelors of science from Brown University in geochemistry and her PhD from Columbia University. Her research focuses on the long-term geochemical evolution of the mantle....


  5. Genevieve Robert


  6. Hugh Tuffen

    I'm a Royal Society University Research Fellow and Lecturer at Lancaster University. My research addresses magma deformation, degassing and crystallization, using tools such as fieldwork,...


  7. Liza Polo


  8. Richard Brooker

    I currently have responsibility for the Experimental Petrology Facility and the MicroFTIR Laboratory and have been involved in developing new apparatus and analytical techniques within the BEEST...