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  1. Liza Polo


  2. Hugh Tuffen

    I'm a Royal Society University Research Fellow and Lecturer at Lancaster University. My research addresses magma deformation, degassing and crystallization, using tools such as fieldwork,...


  3. Genevieve Robert


  4. Danilo Di Genova

    04/2012 – present Postgraduate master (University of Rome Tor Vergata).GeoInformation and Geographic Information systemssupporting sustainable management of territory and territorialsafety.- A...


  5. Ben Edwards

    I am especially interested in interactions between magma/lava/tephra and ice/snow/water. Most of my field work has been in Iceland, British Columbia, Russia and Alaska, with lesser work in...


  6. Elizabeth Cottrell

    Liz Cottrell received her bachelors of science from Brown University in geochemistry and her PhD from Columbia University. Her research focuses on the long-term geochemical evolution of the mantle....


  7. Richard Brooker

    I currently have responsibility for the Experimental Petrology Facility and the MicroFTIR Laboratory and have been involved in developing new apparatus and analytical techniques within the BEEST...


  8. Alessandro Fabbrizio