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  1. gabriela alejandra velasquez


  2. Dome rock densification parameters

    20 Oct 2014 | Contributor(s):: Fabian Ben Wadsworth, Betty Scheu

  3. Colima_Airflight_2013

    11 Jan 2013 | Contributor(s):: Richard E.A. Robertson

    Photographs and videos taken during an fixed wing aircraft fly-over of Colima volcano on 11th January 2013. Please note that due to limitation in storage the photos have been resampled and all videos have not been uploaded. Full resolution photos and additional videos can be obtained by...

  4. DomeHaz: Dome-forming eruptions database v2.4

    26 Jul 2012 | Contributor(s):: Sarah Elizabeth Ogburn, Sue C Loughlin, Eliza S Calder

    The DomeHaz database contains over 400 dome-forming episodes, as part of over 200 eruptions, at over 120 volcanoes. Here, you can download a snap-shot, flat view of the larger relational MySQL database as an Excel spreadsheet. Please request group membership to access the database.The...

  5. Sue C Loughlin

    Head of Volcanology at British Geological Survey since 2008. Current projects include Global Volcano Model (NERC), STREVA Strengthening Resilience in Volcanic Areas (NERC), VANAHEIM...


  6. An introduction to Santiaguito/Santa Maria Guatemala

    27 Apr 2011 | Contributor(s):: William I Rose

    An introductory lecture about a pair of related volcanoes in Guatemala, Santa Maria and Santiaguito. Meant to help orient researchers on this great laboratory volcano. The first part of the lecture is followed by Part 2, which in in the supporting documents.Escobar Wolf, R, RO Matias Gomez and WI...

  7. Apr 04 2011

    Soufriere Hills Volcano: 15 years on

    From MVO website:Montserrat, named by Christopher Columbus is a lush green and mountainous island in the Eastern Caribbean. Known fondly as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, visitors find this...