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  1. CO2-rich melts generated during basalt magma ascent and degassing

    26 Apr 2013 | Contributor(s):: Michel Pichavant, Ida Di Carlo, Silvio Rotolo, Bruno Scaillet, Alain Burgisser, Nolwenn Le Gall, Caroline Martel

    AGU Meeting San Francisco 2012To test mechanisms of basaltic magma degassing, experimental decompressions of volatile-bearing (2.7-3.8 wt% H2O, 600-1300 ppm CO2) Stromboli melts have been performed from 250-200 to 50-25 MPa at 1180-1140°C. Ascent rates were varied from 0.25 to ~ 1.5 m/s. Both the...