By Joaquin Alberto Cortes

Edge Hill University

StereoP is a tool to plot equal angle Stereonets

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Version 1.1 - published on 07 Aug 2017

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StereoP is a little tool designed to do basic plotting in an equal area stereonet. The tool can plot the maximum circles of planes given strikes and dips, can plot lines given trends and plunges, can plot the poles of the maximum circles and can produce Rose diagrams of either trends or strikes. The data is uploaded from a text file separated by tab or spaces in the main data window as azimuth strikes (i.e. from 0-360) with dips between 0-90 following the right-hand rule (i.e: 0-90 strike means that dip is to the East; 90-180 strike means that dip is to the South; 180-270 strike means that dip is to the West and 270-360 strike means that dip is to the North). Plots are selected in the ploting tab option and downloading using the downloading menu in a similar fashion that other plotting tools in Vhub such as Pingu.

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