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  1. PASI: Volcanic Hazards and Remote Sensing in Pacific Latin America

    10 Apr 2020 Open Vent Volcanoes PASI in Costa Rica gathered 60 scientists from 13 countries to build scientific networking in the transdisciplinary field of volcanology in January 2011. The accelerating application of field measurements and remote sensing to...

  2. The Chaiten eruption, Chile, May 2008: field observations.

    10 Apr 2020

    A short summary presentation of rapid-response fieldwork following the 2008 eruption of Chaiten, southern Chile. This short presentation was given in September 2009, and has been updated with appropriate citation to work published since then.F Alfano, C Bonadonna, ACM Volentik, CB Connor, SFL...

  3. Underwater volcano disaster - an Oxford Sparks Animation

    10 Apr 2020

    A short (2 minute) animation of a subduction zone and volcano, introducing the processes involved in subduction, melting and volcanism.This animation can be used as a stand alone item, or in a classroom. We have developed some class activities around an exercise in volcano monitoring at an...

  4. Volcanic clouds observed by the A-Train satellite constellation

    10 Apr 2020

    A collection of images showing volcanic eruption clouds detected by NASA's A-Train satellite constellation, which includes the Aqua, CALIPSO, CloudSat and Aura satellites. These examples demonstrate the unique ability of the A-Train to provide coincident, multi-spectral, active and passive remote...

  5. Volcanic risk management in Italy: a perspective from a decision maker.

    10 Apr 2020 | Contributor(s): E Bruce Pitman, Abani Patra

    Lecture given to the 1st VUELCO workshop held in Colima (Mexico) during the 7th Cities on Volcanoes Conference, 18th November 2012

  6. VUELCO- Dominica Exercise Debriefing Report

    10 Apr 2020 | Contributor(s): E Bruce Pitman, Abani Patra

    Document summarizing the debriefing of the exercise, developed with the contribution of all the involved partners.

  7. Workshop on Wind-remobilisation processes of volcanic ash, Consensual Document

    10 Apr 2020

    Explosive volcanic eruptions can eject large quantities of tephra into the atmosphere that can be dispersed and deposited over wide areas. Whilst the hazardous consequences of primary tephra fallout are well known, subsequent remobilisation of ash by aeolian processes can continue to present an...