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  1. geochemistry x
  1. Geochemistry and Petrology first response draft

    09 Aug 2020

    Here are the documents which were presented at the meeting on the 27th of August. Please feel free to download, edit, and then update the files stored here.

  2. Olive

    09 Aug 2020 | Tools

    Olive 2.1.1 a simple fractional crystallization calculator.

  3. Tritone

    09 Aug 2020 | Tools

    Tritone a mini tool to plot ternary diagrams

  4. Norma

    09 Aug 2020 | Tools

    A tool to calculate the Barth-Niggli and CIPW norms from whole-rock chemistry

  5. Petrological INput - Graphical oUtput

    09 Aug 2020 | Tools

    A tool to plot geochemical data in petrology