Stromboli online

By Roberto Carniel

Università di Udine, Friuli, Italy

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Stromboli online - Volcanoes of the World

The primary goal of Stromboli online website is to enrich and stimulate the teaching of Earth Sciences by presenting images, movies, data, virtual field trips and other educational material in relation to volcanoes.

Although there is some emphasis on Stromboli and Etna we also cover many other volcanic areas of the Earth. As much as possible we try to rely on our own, personal material collected by team members in the field. We would be particularly happy if we could share with you our excitement about volcanoes and their spectacular eruptions.

Our pages are primarily intended to be helpful to non-specialists. However, volcanologists are most welcome to drop in (and perhaps leave us a note). Stromboli online is part of a volcanological research project and a project in the teaching of Earth Sciences. It will develop as we learn ourselves and get feedback from you.

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