Lava Flow Eruptions- Exploring Earth's Volcanic Environments Virtual Fieldtrip

By Steven Carey

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This module dealing with effusive volcanism highlights the 1783 Laki fissure eruption in Iceland, the largest historic lava flow event.

Exploring Earth's Volcanic Environments:

This module is one in a series of two web-based modules that have been developed to instruct students about the processes of explosive and effusive volcanism. The modules couple inquiry-based techniques with a virtual reality field trip using panoramic photography and eruption simulations to enable a unique level of interactivity between students and the electronic media. The modules follow the NSF-approved approach of Focus, Explore, Reflect and Apply, which is based on effective pedagogical research findings. The main objective is to engage students as explorers and observers, enabling them to learn about volcanic processes and hazards, collect virtual field information, and then formulate hypotheses about the effects of volcanic eruptions and the deposits that they produce. The modules are suitable for Introductory Earth Science or Natural Hazard courses and can be assigned as a laboratory exercise.

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