Greenland ice sheet data explorer

Greenland icesheet time series data explorer

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Version 1.1 - published on 28 Feb 2019

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This is an example of a Jupyter-based tool; in it, widgets enable plotting and exploration of a Greenland ice sheet time series dataset. These data are featured in the pshekhar Jupyter Notebook tool. Refer to that tool for further information on the dataset.

For this Jupyter-based tool, the following commands were entered in a Jupyter terminal window before checking the Jupyter notebook file pshekhar2.ipynb into the tool's repository:

Set tool mode True: -t pshekhar2.ipynb

 jupyter trust pshekhar2.ipynb

Please see the Publishing Notebooks section of the Jupyter Notebook Tool's user manual for more information on creating Jupyter Notebook-based tools.



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  • Prashant Shekhar; Renette Jones-Ivey (2019), "Greenland ice sheet data explorer,"

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