Explosive Magma-Water Interaction: pr05

By Ingo Sonder

University at Buffalo, SUNY (UB)

Published on


Date: 2017-09-13

Location: University at Buffalo, Geohazards Field Station, Springville/Ashford, NY, USA.

Mixing of ambient temperature water at 1.5 bar with natural remelted (basaltic) volcanic rock at 1300ºC.

This is video material was recorded for one of our explosive magma-water interaction experiments. The recordings are part of the raw data set used to quantify the explosive response.

In this experiment some of the cameras did not start correctly. In some publications the camera is 'cam3' and not 'Sony 4k2' as the file name suggests.

Currently the detailed experimental setup still has to be published. Therefore, please contact one of the projects PIs for project details and experimental setup:

Ingo Sonder
ingomark@buffalo.edu, phone: +1 716 645 6366

Alison Graettinger
graettingera@umkc.edu, phone: +1 816 235 6701

Greg Valentine
gav4@buffalo.edu, phone: +1 716 645 4295

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