Bent-Hysplit Workflow Tool

By Renette Jones-Ivey, Marcus I Bursik, Abani Patra, Matt Jones, Don Morton, Zhixuan Cao

New workflow tool for Bent-Hysplit workflows

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Version 1.0 - published on 30 Oct 2018

This tool is closed source.

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The Bent-Hysplit Workflow tool extends the capability provided by the puffin tool.  It provides probabilistic forecasts of ash clouds using the puffin volcanic plume model (Pouget et al., 2016), and the NOAA Air Resources Laboratory HYSPLIT model.  A space of uncertain eruption source parameters (ESPs) is sampled by puffin to produce the probabilistic ash cloud maps.  

A Rappture GUI interface is presented to the user when the user clicks the tool's Launch Tool button.  The GUI interface allows parameters to be entered for controlling and starting the workflow.

The Pegasus Workflow Management System is used for automating and managing the execution of the jobs required to run the workflow, including, staging the jobs, submitting the jobs to the Center for Computational Research (UB)'s u2-grid to run on UB-HPC cluster general-compute nodes, handling data flow dependencies and overcoming job failures.

Please see the Supporting Docs tab for a more detailed overview of this tool and for more information on running the tool.

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