By Mattia de' Michieli Vitturi

Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia


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PlumeMoM is a numerical code for the steady-state plume model, describing the rise in the atmosphere of a mixture of gas and volcanic ash during an eruption. The system of equation is formally the same of that presented in Barsotti et al. 2008, i.e. the equations we formulate describe the same conservation principles (conservation of mass, momentum and energy). In this model, instead of assuming a finite number of particle sizes, a continuous distribution of particles size is considered and the method of moments (Marchisio and Fox, 2013) is adopted to track the moments of the particle size distribution along the eruptive column.

The .zip file contains all the source files (fortran 90). The code documentation is also provided in the file refman.pdf. 

To compile the source:

make clean

make all

The compilation create an executable called plume_model.x

Several input files are provided (to be copied to plume_model.inp):

test_WEAK_textor_A.bak Test for a weak plume with wind utilizing the moments of the number of particles
test_WEAK_textor_B.bak Test for a weak plume with wind utilizing the moments of the mass fraction of particles
test_WEAK_textor_C.bak Test for a weak plume with wind utilizing a discretization in bins of the particles
TEST_CASE_1.bak Test with standard atmosphere (no wind)
TEST_CASE_2.bak Test with weak plume and atmosphere profile assigned in the input file
TEST_CASE_3.bak Test with strong plume and atmosphere profile assigned in the input file

The solution profiles are saved in the file *.col, while the moments are saved in the file *.mom

The file contains the atmospheric profiles at different latitudes and months of the year according to:

Champion, K. S. W., A. E. Cole, and A. J. Kantor. "Standard and reference atmospheres." Handbook of Geophysics and the Space Environment 14 (1985).

These profiles can be used setting in the input file:

read_atm_profile = 'table'

and creating a namelist  "table_atm_parameters" in the input files containing defining the month, latitude and the wind profile parameters (see refman.pdf)



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