By Fabio Dioguardi1, Pierfrancesco Dellino2, Daniela Mele2

1. Department of Mechanics, Mathematics and Management, Politecnico di Bari 2. University of Bari (Italy)

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PYFLOW is a multi-block code for the calculation of the flow field variables of dilute pyroclastic
density currents (hereafter DPDCs) starting from the deposits characteristics. The code, written in
Fortran 90, solves an improved version of the model of Dellino et al. (2008): it calculates the
vertical profiles of particle volumetric concentration, flow density, velocity and dynamic pressure,
and builds probability functions for each one of the flow field variables. This new probability
function tool allows to perform a probabilistic analysis of the results and, subsequently, to calculate
the flow field variable at a desired exceedance probability. Thanks to these new features, PYFLOW
can be used for the assessment of the hazard related to DPDCs, provided that an extensive field
study and a precise laboratory analysis of the deposits' sample is carried out.
The code is available for Unix/Linux/Mac OS X/Windows Operating Systems. The input data come
from DPDC deposits analysis (e.g. particles diameter, density, layer thickness, substrate roughness,

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