BET_VH presentation at VHUB workshop, 25th July 2013, Kagoshima, Japan

By Roberto Tonini1, Laura Sandri1

1. Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Italy

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This is the material used to introduce the BET_VH online tool and to carry out a step-by-step exercise for setting and performing a full Probalistic Volcanic Hazard Assessment (PVHA). The tool and the exercise have been presented during the vhub workshop held the 25th July 2013 in Kagoshima, Japan, in the frame of the IAVCEI meeting.

Files (in supporting docs):
1) betvh_intro.pdf: it is a short introduction to the theoretical background of BET_VH tool
2) it is an archive containing all the files used to perform the BET_VH exercise showed during the workshop


Put the zip file on your workspace at vhub and launch the BET_VH tool. From the main window frame select "Create" from the drop-down menu on top-left and click on the Apply button. A new multi-tab frame will be opened. Fill in all the fields by following the instructions in the file node1-2-3_and_all_info.txt, which is contained in the zip file. Once finished, click "Create Volcano" at the last tab. This will save your settings in your vhub workspace.
From the main window frame select "Load" and click on the Apply button. Select the name of the volcano just created.
The event tree will be loaded and it will be possible to choose the path of interest and compute the corresponding probabilities.

More details on the general use of the tool can be found here

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