New PCQ Runs for Bent Model

By Puneet Singla

University at Buffalo, SUNY (UB)

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The attached archive folder contains matlab code to generate quadrature points for Bent runs. The main driver file is DriverBentSim.m. One can play with number of quadrature points and parameter distributions in this file. The files in the private directory are kind of protective and one generally do not need to make any changes in them.

The archive folder also contains four datafiles corresponding to different number of points along each direction. For example, BentQuadcc9pts corresponds to 9 quad points along each direction that means total 9^4 quadrature points.

I have used the Clenshaw Curtis quadrature scheme so all the points of lower order quadrature scheme are same as in higher order files. For example, all the points of BentQuad9ccpts are included in BentQuadCC17pts.

The first column in the file corresponds to vent radius quad points
Second column ----> vent velocity
Third column------> grain size
Fourth column------> sigma
fifth column--------> quadrature weights which we shall use later to combine statistical properties of outcome of Bent model from various runs.

The distribution for parameter is given in Marcus's Geneva talk included in the zip folder with only change being that vent vel and grain size pdfs have been changed to Gaussian like pdfs with finite support.