Handbook for Volcanic Risk Management - Prevention, Crisis Management, Resilience

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The EU project MIAVITA has produced the "Handbook for Volcanic Risk Management - prevention, crisis management, resilience".

This free handbook is mainly addressed to civil protection stakeholders, scientists and in general to all the Institutions/people that deal with the management of volcanic crisis. It aims at synthesizing the knowledge acquired during the MIAVITA project in a practical and useful way to cover the main aspects of volcanic risk management, such as prevention, preparedness, mitigation, intervention, crisis management and resilience. It promotes the creation of an ideal bridge between different stakeholders involved in risk management, improving and facilitating interactions among authorities and scientists.

The handbook is divided into 6 main sections and it takes into account the socio-economic, cultural and agricultural aspects, as well as cost effective monitoring and management of volcanic crisis. It is particularly oriented towards developing countries.

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