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    The website design industry in Vietnam is quickly booming with the rise of ecommerce, mobile gaming, and online marketing. While the majority of businesses in Vietnam has not yet realized the power of the internet, many are embracing this new change to take over the market.


    In 2015, for the first time, Cushman & Wakefield releases global comprehensive report which ranks Vietnam at the world’s premier destination for business process outsourcing. Two years passed, and Vietnam is still one of the top destinations for IT service outsourcing. In fact, several of the global top tech companies have opened offices in Vietnam to take advantage of the growing IT work force.


    While the majority of the website in Vietnam is still 10 years behind the world with generic layout, unfriendly design, incompatible web pages, things are changing. A number of business owners have realized that website is a useful tool, and a worthy investment to quickly reach potential clients. In Vietnam, there are 140 million mobile cellular subscriptions. That’s 1.5 cellphones for every one person. Retailers in Vietnam are selling more smartphones than feature phones, with the number of smart phone users quickly approaching 30% of the population. With cheap data plans and the new 4G coming, now it's time to go mobile in Vietnam and now it has never been easier (and competitive) to reach the audience online.


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    “ Website is quickly becoming an essential marketing channel for businesses in Vietnam. ”

    The web design scene in Vietnam has also changed dramatically in these recent years. While a large number of businesses still have not realized the importance of brand building via website tools, the market now has quite a few web design agencies with world level creative teams. In fact, many of the best selling items on evantomarket are "made in Vietnam".


    A quick search can show a number of note worthy web agencies in Vietnam (listed in no order)



    Still, a large number of websites in Vietnam are largely un-maintained, out-dated, and not fully used to their full potential. The cost of having a custom website in Vietnam is still high compared to the general cost, and that forces many businesses to resort to using cheap and low quality web services. A custom, high quality website has to come with a high price tag and lengthy project duration. And that is reasonable, because a high-end custom web design requires a highly skilled and experienced design team and development team working for months from start to end. But can't a high-end, custom made website be more affordable?

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    “ We empower everyone for the world wide web. ”

    Located at the center of Ho Chi Minh city, the Southern tech hub, arguably the largest of Vietnam, Nilead team is inspired to solve this problem. We do not want to simply be a web design/development agency, we want to be a website solution provider. Our vision is to provide high quality web services that are affordable, to empower businesses to go online and to connect to their users. We spent two years working non-stop, running into countless issues, trying to solve this issue. And we have now, a solution:


    The Nilead platform and its growing eco-system is our answer to this problem. Our solution consists of:


    • A powerful platform that can flexibly build all types of complicated system.
    • A design tool that can allow users to quickly create custom layouts in the shortest amount of time.
    • Fully managed services that assist businesses in growing their business online.
    • An eco-system that provides the necessary tools for businesses to grow.

    The website design in Vietnam is maturing and slowly transforming into the next generation. We believe that the next big things in Vietnam will have everything to do with technologies and especially with the web. We cannot wait to see more and more changes come to this 100 million people market to improve people's lives, to connect everyone together.