India for Newcomers: Things to Do

For those who travel to India for the first time some things may be daunting. However, there are few simple tips for a first-time Asian traveler that can help you maneuver your way through the big bamboozle that’s called India.

1. Track your sites. India is a whole big country that has much to offer, but only to those who have been planning their itineraries ahead. There is classic tour where major sites such as Delhi are included, and there are religious tours allowing you to enjoy views of the ancient Indian temples such as Konark's Sun Temple and Varanasi spiritual homes.


2. Bide your time. European travelers suffer from a tourist fever caused by the undermining terror they just won’t see everything they planned on seeing. Time waste is a complete disaster for us, rush hour lovers, but it’s perfectly okay to slow down in India. Just get gradually accustomed to the thought you won’t be able to travel the entire India in a week and voila – you are enjoying your trip.


3. Stay away from the tourist traps. Every tourist company is driven by a single impulse: sell more, and sell fast. They will tell you Goa beaches are entirely exclusive. They will talk you into booking the most expensive tours. They are going to convince you India is all about white sand and palm trees, but you won’t listen, deal?


4. Avoid crowded places. Whether you are bargaining with a local shop owner, or just struggling your way through the bazaar, an intense city life will drive you mad at some point. India is full of peaceful little places like beaches of Kerala to make your detour worthwhile. Don’t get fooled by the flamboyancy of street festivals them locals promote. They are great only if you are a fan of these massive mayhem-causing parades. You know, just to remind the world that you are.


5. Beware of the drivers. Taxi and rickshaw drivers in India have an unmistakable sense for the newcomers, so if they see you helplessly wandering the streets, they will immediately offer help… that will cost you a fortune. It is not the first time we hear of scammers being outrageously bold in cities like Mumbai, so make sure you can find your way to the hotel, and keep cool.


Bedazzling and hypnotic, India can be intoxicating to those who have not yet experienced the beauty of this part of the world. With its largest street festivals, religious sites and breathtaking temples India is a place for someone who’s looking for a spiritual renewal and peace of mind.



About the Author: Charlotte McDonald is an acclaimed travel blogger at will you do my homework for me, famous for writing humorous posts focusing on the classic figure of a typical European traveler, who is slightly suspicious of foreign mentality and can’t get over globalization and other modern-day problems.

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