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    University of Naples Federico II

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    I was born in Naples (Italy) on August 17th, 1983. I am graduated in Geological Sciences and currently I am Ph.D. student in volcanology at University of Naples Federico II.
    The topic of my PhD is to reconstruct the architecture and litofacies associations of the Campanian Ignimbrite (39 ky, Phlegraean Fields, Southern Italy)to constrain the dynamics of this widespread ignimbrite-forming eruption. My supervisor is Dr Claudio Scarpati, volcanologist of University of Naples Federico II.

    The topic of my bachelor degree thesis was the study of the stratigraphy, morphometry, eruptive and depositional mechanisms of some scoria cones of Somma-Vesuvius. Supervisor: Dr Claudio Scarpati.

    The topic of my master degree thesis was the study of some plinian proximal fall deposits, to establish the depositional facies and to contribute to the knowledge of the transport regimes in proximal areas. Supervisor: Dr Claudio Scarpati.

    For contact: phone +39 081 25 38359 (office) or send an email to