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Wedding sarees are famous throughout the world due to their charm.Weddings can be quite a hectic affair, especially when you are looking for a fashionable chic wedding. Although fashion can be quite fickle, every bride has a dream of keeping tradition while following fashion. So her wardrobe should also match this dream. Sarees have been timeless attire for women of every generation. The drape can be modified, but the attire gives the look of eloquence that elegance that cannot be competed with any other ensemble. So if you want to look traditional yet have a chic look, go for a beautiful saree. The best part about this attire is that you have a plethora of variety to choose from. check this http://weddingsarees.co

Weddings in South India especially have sarees that are graceful and stunning and can be passed on from one generation to the other as they are never out of Fashion. Hailing from several different states, these sarees rule every woman’s heart, and come in a great variety of colors, embroidery and embellishments. These sarees are mainly crafted from Eri Silk, Muga Silk, Mulberry silk or Tussar silk. These woven sarees exhibit a high quality of workmanship and craftsmanship which is not available anywhere in the world. While many countries have tried to copy these sarees using machine weaving, but they could not be copied and looked like cheap replicas.  source: wedding sarees online http://kanjivaramsilks.com

Most desired sarees in South Indian weddings are:

a)            Kanjeevaram wedding sarees: these are gorgeous sarees from South India that are famous globally due to their intricate weaving and amazing colors. These sarees are high in range due to gold weaving and pure silk. These wedding sarees are traditional and every South Indian lady longs for these sarees as they can be passed on from one generation to the other. It takes a lot of time to weave one saree with different Pallu, border and body to make into one saree.


b)            Konard Sarees: These timeless sarees are called as the Silk temple sarees based on designs on Hindu Gods and Goddesses. With a wide border and traditional motifs, these sarees are available in vibrant colors with zari stripes.


c)            Mysore silk sarees: Mysore silk sarees are very famous silk sarees from south India, which come in varied colors that suit all skin types. These sarees are preferred by newlywed brides and are crafted in intricate designs like lamp, chariot, shells etc. Nowadays, modern designs are infused in sarees to create stunning beauties for brides during weddings. The prices of these sarees vary according to their weight and you can buy them in pure silk, which can be kept as a heritage.


d)            Gadhwal Sarees: Hailing from the state of Andhra Pradesh, these sarees are famous for unique weaving in pure silk. These wedding sarees are hand woven to create a unique saree every time and are available in a great variety of colors like green, yellow, parrot or beige. These unique sarees are desired by all the Indian women due to their purity and intricate weaving and every bride’s trousseau must have one Gadhwal saree.

If your wedding is approaching soon and you want to adorn a saree on your D-day, then you can choose from these pure silk sarees and look beautiful in this traditional attire.