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About the Group

Public Description

IAVCEI - International Network for VOLcanology Collaboration (INVOLC)

This public group is intended to be a forum for scientists working in a resource-constrained context. The establishment of the group  followed on from events at IAVCEI 2017 (Portland, Oregon) which included an initial meeting of scientists with an interest in working in volcanology in low and middle income countries (LMICs). This meeting included discussion of themes and challenges of undertaking volcanic work in LMICs and set out a series of actions and steps towards establishment of the formal network (under IAVCEI). In 2019 an online survey was given to collect feedback and a workshop was held in Trinidad and Tobago to discuss the goals, structure and activities of the network. At the IUGG General Assembly in July 2019 the network was officialy inaugurated into IAVCEI by the IAVCEI Executive Committee.

Topics for the group include networking, sharing of resources that are targeted for use in such resource-constrained environments or that can readily be used by those in a LMIC context, sharing of experiences, and development of strategies for how the community can support and promote engagement by scientists with limited resources.

We invite your participation with the hope of generating a centralised location to encourage community engagement for scientists working in LMICs and those who are working to support the use of volcano science in this context.

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