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Finding The Volcano. Which Ones Are Real, Which Ones Are Not? (Part 1)

Sometimes, during personal research (no matter how many documents or pictures i’ve seen of it) nothing beats looking at volcanoes on Google Earth. I like Google Earth is it give’s real perspective of the volcano. Finding them is usually easy (e.g. Fuji, Cleveland, Etna). But some are not as easy, some are so hard to find, that i even question if they exist or not.

One good example of a hard to find volcano is the Unnamed Syrian volcano that erupted in 1222 from an “unknown location near Kilis”. So using Google Earth i searched for the volcano. Unfortunatley i did not find it. So i asked people on Erik Klemetti’s famous ‘Eruptions’ blog. One man, named Robert Sommerville, wrote back saying he found a lava flow like structure that partly filled a canyon. The flow runs for around 694 M. At the source of the flow there appears to be a small cone, although it is hard to tell in the grainy photo’s.

The cone volcano mentioned above is at an elevation of around 717 M. The discovery of the volcano (to me) is quite exciting. Although i maybe wrong at this present time.

If anyone wants to see the photographs i will be quite happy to post them.

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