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About the Group

Public Description

The Commission on Volcanogenic Sediments fosters common interests in research on all sedimentological aspects of volcanic phenomena. It provides a forum for discussion, helps run field workshops and symposia at major conferences, and maintains a membership list of interested experts to aid communication and develop collaborations. The Commission concerns itself with the genesis, transport, deposition and diagenesis of all volcanogenic sediments. CVS members carry out research into the sedimentation of pyroclasts from eruption clouds and pyroclastic density currents, the generation of debris avalanche deposits during edifice failures, and the remobilisation of volcanic particles by surface processes (e.g., by lahars). This information is used to interrogate hazardous volcanic phenomena from process and hazard perspectives, construct facies models for volcanoes and volcanic systems, undertake stratigraphic analyses of edifices in order to establish volcanic eruption histories, and understand how volcanogenic sediments can impact non-volcanic sedimentary environments.

Leaders: Gabor Kereszturi and Eric Breard

Abstracts for the CVS-sponsored session at IACVEI 2013, Kagoshima are now available in the resources page.


Volcanologists witnessing ash fall at Sakurajima volcano, Japan.