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Commission on Volcanic Hazards and Risk

Main purpose of the commission

The commission on volcanic hazards and risk will be dedicated to applied volcanology, a key realm of volcanology that occupies the front line between academic research and governmental organizations that are responsible for decision-making and policy processes that reduce the impact of volcanic hazards on society. The commission will focus on understanding, quantifying and communicating the hazards, the extent and likelihood of their occurrence and assessing their impacts and the societal vulnerabilities they create from near to far-field.


A proposal for a new commission on hazards and risk was accepted by IAVCEI in 2013. The commission proponents formed an interim leadership team, who initiated the commission activities and organised the inaugural meeting at Cities on Volcanoes 8 in September 2014.

Commission Personnel

Commission leaders: Heather Wright (USGS and VDAP, CVO) and Shinji Takarada (Geological Survey of Japan)
Early career scientist representative: Sylvain Charbonnier (University of South Florida)

These commission officer roles were ratified at IAVCEI Scientific Assembly in 2017 (Portland, Oregon, USA). Officers will normally be expected to serve for 2 or 4 year terms.

Commission Scope

Commission Activities

Commission Working Groups

We welcome proposals for further working groups – instructions for this are here

Commission Newsletters

Other Background Information

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