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There are a few standardization tasks needed on the GHub tools. Let’s begin to list those tasks here (feel free to add to or edit this list!)

Convert to dashboard

These tools need to be converted to dashboard-style from notebook-style tools. Note that this step is waiting on needed Hubzero maintenance on the site Anaconda installation.

  • CmCt Histogram Plotter (cmcthistplot)
  • crevasse workflow tool (crevasseoib)
  • Batch Regrid tool (netcdfregrid)

Amend contributor list

Some tools need changes to their contributor lists. List those here:

  • ISMIP6 Ice Sheet Model Comparison Tool (gisplot2): Add Elliot Snitzer, Jeanette Sperhac
  • CmCt Histogram Tool (cmcthistplot): Add Elliot Snitzer, Jeanette Sperhac
  • CF Processing/Compliance tool (cfcompliance): add Erika Simon
  • CF Regridding tool (cfregrid): add Erika Simon

Documentation needed

Some tools need their documentation updated or fleshed out. List those here:

  • Batch Regrid tool (netcdfregrid) could use a bit more background documentation


The following tasks are completed:

Converted to python3

All GHub tools have been converted from python2 to python3 (note that needed packages are likely already present under python3).

Connected directly to CCR storage

The new regrid tool uses ISMIP6 input files located on CCR and/or the UB Thule server

  • Batch Regrid tool (netcdfregrid)

Finalized and published

All checked, finalized, and published for general use:

  • Batch Regrid tool (netcdfregrid)
  • crevasse workflow tool (crevasseoib)
  • CF Processing/Compliance tool (cfcompliance)
  • CF Regridding tool (cfregrid) (regrids single file, locally stored)

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