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GHub launch

by Jeanette Sperhac

Welcome to GHub!

We announce our new appearance and some new tools and functionality. We have roughed out some background information and usage documentation. Everything is brief, shallow, and bulleted-list, but it should get us started.


Collaboration: Group members are welcome to get in and experiment with collaborative aspects of the hub. They can post announcements, deploy documents as resources, open projects, start blogs, create calendar items, and do all kinds of things. Just getting in and playing will be a great way for folks to start.

Navigation: There’s a menu item to navigate to ghub, available under the Members menu of We can do something more visual/prominent in the future.

CmCt tools: Our intern, Elliot Snitzer, has been adapting and deploying Erika Simon’s CmCt tools. These run in Jupyter Notebooks context and are available here:


* Some functions (user dashboard, tool landing pages) don’t use the new GHub template, but rather the VHub one. This can be fixed a bit later.

* Direct access to the ISMIP6 data housed at CCR is not hooked up via GHub, yet.

* The ISMIP6 tools are in a draft status; if you encounter errors, let us know and we will try to address these!

* A couple of links on the front page of ghub are still incorrect (“More about GHub” and the Collaborate section in the middle third of the page). I have made requests to update them.

Remarks welcome

Let me know if you need things added, have questions, or notice any dire errors.


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