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ISMIP6 Ice Sheet Model Comparison Tool

By Erika Simon1, sophie nowicki2, Elliot Snitzer3, Jeanette Sperhac2

1. NASA--Goddard 2. University at Buffalo 3. University of Pittsburgh

This Jupyter notebook plots and compares a field from multiple ice sheet models directly in the notebook.

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Version 1.6 - published on 25 Aug 2021

Open source: license | download

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Version Released DOI Handle Published
1.6 25 Aug 2021 N/A yes
1.5 13 Nov 2020 N/A no
1.4 13 Nov 2020 N/A no
1.3 26 Jul 2019 N/A no
1.2 26 Jul 2019 N/A no
1.1 24 Jun 2019 N/A no
1.0 14 May 2019 N/A no